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If you are looking for computer repair services,  in Brooklyn NYC for your home computer, or a computer technician for laptop repairs NYCHP laptop repair in Brooklyn New York, a  DELL computer repair service, or technical computer support for your office, search no more. If you are not a computer repair or computer maintenance  technician, Laptop Repair Brooklyn technicians will help you.We are a Brooklyn based computer repairs and Computer services company specialized in home, small and medium business computer repair services and support including PC repair service in Brooklyn NYC and computer upgrades New York.  We can come to your home or office in less than an hour and fix your computer problems, no matter what they are. Laptop Repair Brooklyn technicians will come to your home or business and take care of  your computer problems in NYC regardless of the trouble.  This is because all of our computer technicians are certified computer service and computer repair experts, servicing Brooklyn and all suburbs throughout New York.Your PC repair problem can be something as simple as hooking up your wireless router, setting up a wireless network, upgrading your PC memory  or as complex as computer virus removal.  Laptop Repair Brooklyn will charge you for what needs to be fixed and can offer you the service you need to get your computer repaired and running in no time flat.


Our Computer Repair Shops in Brooklyn is open 7 days per week and can help you fix your computer problems,  as well as our computer technicians who can do on-site computer repairs and computer maintenance at your home or PC Repairs at your NYC office. Often, when you call for service with your internet provider, they will not offer any advice on products that do not belong to them. This can be very problematic if you just purchased a new router that is not “their” router. They will not help you. We will. So for your Wireless Networking office requirements feel free to call us.

So if you are looking for computer hardware repairs in Brooklyn or computer virus removal NYC for your home computer or networking your business computer feel free to contact us for all your computer repair services and computer upgrades of hardware and software.

Laptop Repair Brooklyn technicians, can help you with following computer problems:

Blue screen of Death fix in Brooklyn

Did you suddenly received these screen, or when trying to reboot your computer? Your computer problems can be caused by :

1. Driver incompatibility

2.Hard drive failure (in most of the cases)

3Virus infection

Laptop repair Brooklyn technicians, can diagnose  the Blue Screen of Death at your location and will try to perform an on-site computer repair when the computer problem it’s caused by a driver incompatibility or a virus infection. When the problems are related to a hard drive failure, our technician will take your PC on our computer repair shop in Brooklyn, when we will first back up your important data and after will perform an hard drive repair or replacement.

Virus removal in Brooklyn NYC.

Is your computer acting strange lately? Your computer slows down without no reason or you receive unusual messages on your monitor asking you to buy some “antivirus”  programs? Are some of your files become corrupted or suddenly don’t work properly or some programs or files are suddenly missing?

Is your internet connection not working lately, or you are being redirected to strange web pages?

Those are the certain signs of a virus or ad-ware infection.

Schedule an appointment with us and let our virus removal Brooklyn team check your computer on site or just pass by our Brooklyn computer repair shop and we can remove the virus infection.

Data recovery service in Brooklyn

Here at Laptop repair Brooklyn we understand that your data is very important for you, so we treat these problem with maximum of professionalism. Nothing is worst than loosing the picture from your wedding, from your child birthday, or other important events, the music you bought or gather year after year. We offer following services regarding data recovery in Brooklyn New York:

1. Laptop data recovery on our Brooklyn computer repair location.

2. On site computer data recovery in Manhattan New York.

3. Same day free diagnostic regarding data recovery NYC.

4. NO CHARGE if data is not recovered.

Laptop screen replacement in Brooklyn NYC.

With a huge replacement parts, a  free pick-up and delivery and ONE BUSINESS DAY TURNAROUND for laptop screen replacement in NYC, Laptop Repair Brooklyn team can  get your business back on track in shortest time manner on the computer repair NYC market.

Just call us and a technician will be with you in less than an hour, or just pass by on our Brooklyn office and get your screen replaced in less than 30 min.


Power jack replacement Brooklyn NYC.

If the laptop will not turn on at all, of it will turn on, but restarting immediately, your problems can be the power jack on the motherboard.

Laptop Repair Brooklyn offer power jack replacement in Manhattan, same day power jack replacement in Brooklyn location and low-cost laptop power jack fix in Queens, all included in our flat rate laptop repair NYC.

Our power jack replacement NYC service comes with 3 months warranty, new part installed on your motherboard, free pick up and delivery and same day turnaround.

Our computer repair service New York covers:

IBM computer repair NYC, HP laptop with bad video chipset repair, DELL screen replacement NYC, Toshiba laptop service NYC, AlienWare data recovery NYC,  Acer power jack replacement Brooklyn, Sony screen replacement Brooklyn NYC.