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Laptop repair in Brooklyn New York.  We offer a Free  pick up and delivery in Manhattan, Bronx and Queens and a Flat rate of 99$ for most of computer repairs.

The laptop motherboard problems are more complicated than the desktop motherboard ones, because on the most laptop motherboard the sound and the video it’s on board, so a failure of one of this two will be harder to diagnose than a desktop motherboard when you can have the separate boards for each of them.  With years of experience regarding the laptop repair service in NY, our skilled technicians will give the right diagnostic for your laptop in a short time manner, cutting down the New York laptop repair service turnaround.

A power failure at laptops can be diagnosed step by step.

First step is to check the AC-DC adapter. Most of them have a green light that is turning on as soon as it’s plugged in the outlet. If the AC it is showing the green light 90% of the times the AC-DC is working. If you have a voltmeter you can easily check the voltage of the AC adapter. The next step is to check if when you are moving the power adapter and press the power button, the laptop will start or not. If the laptop it’s starting but it’s shutting off when you are moving the power adapter, that means that you’re power jack it’s loose from the motherboard or you’re having a cold soldering of the power jack.

This is an easy to fix problem for our technicians, mostly done next business day, or in special cases we can provide same day power jack replacement in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

We are offering laptop power jack replacement in Manhattan, same day power jack replacement in Brooklyn and low-cost laptop power jack fix in Queens, all included in our flat rate laptop repair NY.

If the laptop will not turn on at all, of it will turn on, but restarting immediately, your problems can be on the motherboard. Diagnosing a motherboard failure it is a little bit more complex, but a good diagnostic will lead to a motherboard fix that will save you a lot of money, and this is the thing that we have in mind when we take a laptop repair case at our computer repair service in New York.

With our power jack replacement service in NY, we can fix most of you laptop power problems, offering same day power jack replacement in Manhattan, same day laptop motherboard repair in Queens or motherboard fix/replacement Brooklyn.

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