Computer repair Brooklyn. Laptop repair Brooklyn - NYC. Same day turnaround.
Virus removal Brooklyn NY.

Virus removal in Brooklyn New York.


We offer on-site virus removal Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx and Queens and a Flat rate of 99$ for most of computer repair service NYC.

Is your computer suddenly acting strange? Let us check it…might be a   Virus, Trojan or Malware infection.

The most common symptoms of a virus infection are:

Computer slows down without reason
Unusual messages or displays on your monitor
Unusual sounds or music played at random times
Some of your files become corrupted or suddenly don’t work properly
Unknown programs or files have been created
Programs or files are suddenly missing
A disk or volume name has been changed
our system has less available memory than it should

We recommend fast action, because the virus infection spread very fast, and can produce significant damage to your file and system.

When we take a virus removal case, LaptopRepairBrooklyn  technician start from the bottom of the Virus, Trojan and Adware disinfection process.  Our A+ certificate technicians will:

  • Scan, detect, remove and assure further protection on your computer against viruses
  • Make sure you have only the emails you need and eliminate the spam
  • We lock down your data by setting up your firewall
  • We will install a FREE antivirus for your further protection


    Don’t launch any unknown attachments from incoming e-mail messages! File attachments is a most preferred transport of internet worms!

    And, if by mistake you did it and get a Virus or a Spyware…DON’T WORRY..Laptop Repair Brooklyn is  HERE FOR YOU.

    Feel free to and inquire about Virus and Spyware removal Brooklyn NY.

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